Top 10 Tuesday – Characters I’d Name a Cat or Dog!


Welcome back to another Top 10 Tuesday! This is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and there are really good topics, and this one is so exciting!


I haveIMG_20150704_171426.jpg a cat and a dog, in my house we went off sweets/candy names. My dog is called Fudge, he’s a mix of Husky and German Shepard (his dad) and I think Bulldog and a Staffy, something like that, but he’s a big soft lump. And my cat is called Kit-Kat, AKA Kitty, The cat, Damn Twat Bag. But as much as he does my head in I love him.

Today’s topic, is as you can tell from the title, about characters, you’d name a cat or dog after.

For this I chose a bunch of cartoon characters, and I tried not to put too many Harry Potter names in here, although I’m pretty sure every character in that series could be a name for a pet. But anyways, lets get started:

Gansey (The Raven Boys)

I think this would suit a scruffy type dog like maybe a Border Terrier, I just really like this name.

Scooby (Scooby-Doo)

Well obviously! I think this name would suit a sausage dog, or well any dog that’s the same colour as the original Scooby-Doo.

Yogi (Yogi Bear)

Ok but how cute would this be on a small dog. I for some reason want to get a monkey and call it Yogi now!

Enoch (Miss Peregrines)

I think I’d call a cat Enoch. I like how the name sounds, and cats are typically grumpy anyways just like the character. (Also Enoch’s my favourite from the series)


This would be an adorable name for a white cat or maybe a bunny, yes I know bunnies’ aren’t in the title but oh well.

Blackjack (Percy Jackson)

Obviously I had to include some sort of Percy Jackson thing in here. This is obviously a name for some sort of all black animal, maybe not a dog, I don’t imagine naming a dog this, maybe if I’m one day rich enough to have a black horse.

Karou (Daughter of Smoke and Bone)

I think this name would be adorable for a girl, it’s really unusual too.


Yes so we’re onto the last three, which are all Harry Potter related. I could probably fill a whole list of Harry Potter pet names. But I would definitely name a cat this, just because I am such a fangirl!


DUH! If I had a big black dog it’s name would definitely be Padfoot, not only because I am obsessed with younger Sirius head cannons but it’s just a principle of the matter!


Close your eyes, think of the cutest little puppy with the floppiest ears, picture yourself calling, “Dobby!” and squeaking the plastic bone, the little puppy runs towards you but falls over it’s big paws. You laugh and pick it up, “bad Dobby”. [HOW ADORABLE!!!!!]

There we go guys this was such a fun topic for me this week, I’ve been smiling while writing this, it cheered me up after I watched a really sad episode of doctor who (Journeys End, season 4, I was so scared and so sad but so happy with all of them together!)

The only bad thing was that the other day my family were contemplating getting a new puppy (my mum was pining for it), but it was too expensive and we don’t have time to train it, and it was a her which would have being complicated with our boy dog and cat, but now I really want a new puppy!!!

Hope you liked this!

Bye – Purple Pancakes 🙂




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