US vs. UK Covers – Books I Own

Hello and Happy Friday! I haven’t gone to school today because I had an allergic reaction to my hair dye (wrong brand) and my face swelled , it’s fine but I had today and yesterday off thanks to my mum (I didn’t even have to ask).

Today I am going to be doing US vs UK book covers with books on my bookshelf. I picked out 8 books so let’s begin:

A Darker Shade Of Magic – V.E Shwab


I own the UK edition.

I like both of these covers to be honest, I like how the font on the UK edition and how its nice and big, and how the silhouette is standing on the four circles. But I love how the US edition is pretty simple and I love the art of how it’s like he’s jumping from one to another and the cape behind him.

WINNER – US Edition.  

An Ember In The Ashes – Sabaa Tahir.


I own the UK edition.

I think these two covers look totally different. I haven’t read this book yet, so I cant based on what represents the book best. I think the US edition gives off a very tough and intense vibe what with the words looking like they’re carved into the stone, but I like the UK edition because I love the black background, and the sparks coming out of the middle where the two figures stand.

WINNER – UK Edition.

The Magisterium – Cassandra Clare & Holly Black


I own the UK edition

Another book I haven’t read yet. On the UK edition I like the white I think it gives it an edge but I like the US edition a lot more, I like the font and the weird thing in the cape I think it looks so cool.

WINNER – US Edition.

The Darkest Minds  – Alexandra Bracken  


 I own the US edition.

I love both of these covers so much! I love the US cover because it’s just beautiful and in real life it has that nice shine and feel to it, and it gives off the sense that the story inside is going to be hella badass, but the UK edition which I found a couple of months ago is just so aesthetically pleasing, and if I enjoy the rest of the trilogy and get my own place so I don’t have to see my parents judging me, I may consider getting the UK edition because of reason!

WINNER- It’s a draw, I love them both

The Mortal Instruments – Cassandra Clare

I own the US editions.

I think these covers are amazing. I’m up too book 4, I have the last three to read, but I know that when I have a huge bookshelf I want all editions of this series including the one’s with nice spines. I think the US editions are good, I like the consistency of the buildings on the bottom and the person/people on the bottom. But the UK editions are beautiful! I love the colours and the icon in the middle! I need them.

WINNER – UK Edition.

Throne of Glass – Sarah J Maas


I own the UK editions.

There’s no doubt that Celeana looks badass on every one of these covers. These covers are basically exactly the same, and they look awesome. However, as much as I love the UK covers, they look fab on my bookshelf, the words on the spine look really nice against the white but I feel like the US editions seem much more intense and the hardcovers are so beautiful!

WINNER – US Edition

 The Wrong Side of Right – Jenn Marie Thorne

I own the US Edition.

I think the UK cover fits Ok with this book, it has the flag, the girl and who I’m assuming is her dad and I think it looks sweet. But the one next to it just looks so cool, I love the font I love the background, it doesn’t give anything about the plot away and I think if you were to see this in the bookshop and didn’t know what it was about you’d pick it up, that’s the whole reason why I clicked on it and looked at the synopsis.

WINNER – US Edition.

Harry Potter (New Editions) -JK Rowling

I own the last 4 in new UK Edition.

I love these editions. This is another series that I dream of having multiple copies of. I love the cholour scheme the US editions stick too, the artwork is fantastic and obviously the best part is the picture it makes of Hogwarts when the spines are all together. I like the UK editions because of the colours I love how vibrant they are and the stars on the spine, I also love the rectangle with the picture on it on the spine and the artwork on this is also really cool.

WINNER – Draw. How am I supposed to pick between these two, they both beautiful.

There we go people who are reading this, hope you liked this. Sorry it’s up really late, I did start this this afternoon … its now 9 at night, but Doctor Who got in the way, and I helped cook dinner then ate dinner then washed up then got clean and in my PJ’s, but at least it’s up.

Bye – Purple Pancakes 🙂



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