The Peculiar Book Tag!

Hello and welcome to another tag! I decided to do a new tag and since Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children came out not that long ago I chose The Peculiar Book Tag which was created by Jesse on Youtube at JesseTheReader!

(Also I’ve had a lot of stuff this week and didn’t have time to come up with anything else)

Lets get started shall we:

Abandoned House – A book you once abandoned but then gave another chance and ended up enjoying.

Aha, aren’t we getting off to a good start. I have no answer! But I do have one that I hope could one day apply to this question and that is A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E Shwab. I read like half of this and I just couldn’t get into it and so I put it down fully intending to pick it back up but as of yet I haven’t, I still have the bookmark in it though, I can see it from here!

Vintage Photographs – A book you would have loved to seen illustrations in.

I think Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas. I have paperback of these books so maybe it wouldn’t look as cool as perhaps the enormous hardcovers but I think the odd illustration here and there would be so cool.

Loop – A series you wouldn’t mind reading on loop, Back to back to back to back!

Besides Harry Potter … The Percy Jackson books! Obviously! I love these books so much, they are always so much fun to read and I love reading them and they always make me happy.

Peculiar Children – A characters ability that you desire to have for yourself.

I think Horace’s ability of seeing into the future would be epic and I could be like Raven from That’s So Raven. Or I would give Addison’s power to my dog Fudge because I want him to talk to me, even though it could probably get annoying.

Miss Peregrine – Your Favourite Character that’s a leader.

Reyna! Reyna from Heroes of Olympus. Reyna is so badass and so hilarious and her and Annabeth together would be unstoppable. She is also an amazing leader of Camp Jupiter.

Jacob – Favourite story where a regular kid discovers an extraordinary world.

Harry Potter. I mean, this is the classic, regular kid enters amazing new world! But it’s not just Harry who enters this amaing world it’s all the other muggle raised kids like Hermione, and Lily Evans and Collin Creevy, as well as transporting so many readers who were just normal kids into this extraordinary magical universe!

Emma – A fierce and fiery character.

Blue from The Raven Boys. I’ve only read the first book but what I can tell Blue wont take no crap from anyone and I cant wait to read the rest of the books and see her character more.

Millard – A book that seems to be invisible but needs to be read by more people.

The Wrong Side of Right by Jenn Marie Thorne. This is such a good book, and I wish more people would read it is such a brilliant story. This is about a regular girl who finds out her dad is a US senator who’s running for president and she gets wrapped up in the campaign and I love it!

Olive –  A book that you bought that floated to the top of your TBR

Trials of Apollo. Granted this was high on my TBR before I even got it but I was kind of planning on reading the other two books in the Percy Jackson series before reading this but, I finished the third and just read this straight away.

Hugh – A book that stung and caused a lot of feelings.

It’s probably a toss up between City of Glass by Cassandra Clare (that death though Killed me!) and The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken, I was sobbing at this book at the end.

Enoch –  A book character you’d bring back from the dead.

Grover Underwoo- .. oh wait no he’s not dead, just long forgotten about by Rick Riordan.


Finnick! He didn’t deserve to die, he had a baby, he liked horses, his constant banter with Katniss, oh god he needs to come back, even if it’s just for ten minutes to see his baby boy!

Bronwyn –  A physically strong character.

When I watched Jesse’s video he couldn’t think of one either, but then the other day I don’t know why, but my mind flashed back to this question and instantly I thought of Peeta Mellark because that was what impressed the judges, his strength because he could pick up bags of flour and throw them over their head.

Hollowgast – A book you read that felt like an experiment gone wrong.

For this I’ve gone with Paper Towns by John Green. I really hoped to like this book because I’d heard so many great things about John Green’s book and this was the first of his I read, but I didn’t enjoy this. I think the only part I liked was the roadtrip with them all in the car. But I thought the ending was pretty anti-climatic too.

Wights – A book that felt like it consumed tropes that you’ve seen done before.

The only book that comes to mind is Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. I had been very much looking forward to reading this, and I enjoyed it kind of, whether or not I’m still going to continue on with this series is yet unknown but there were definitely a lot of done-before tropes in this.

There we go that is my Peculiar Book Tag. Really enjoyed doing this. Hope you liked it.

Bye – Purple Pancakes 🙂


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