Greys Anatomy Season 13 Ep 2 & 3.

So I have way to much on my plate so instead I’m doing a few episodes at the same time! Yayy. I’m also going to try and make these shorter but we’ll see.

Episode 2

Catastrophe and the Cure

Ok so the start of this episode was really instense what with him doing his tie and fumbling and the music and the flashbacks, it really was. Also I don’t know if it’s just because she was going into court but Meredith looked so grown up and old and doctorlike.


We got another cute Baily and Ben moment with her wanting him to be his eyes and ears and Ben being all ‘nuh uh’, and so Webber proposes that he be her spy. I really love the relationship between Baily and Webber, and thank the lord or whoever is in charge of the universe, that this stayed platonic!

April was so funny at the start of this episode with her constant crying, she was just so hysterical and hilarious, but I thought it was adorable when she sang to baby Harriet over the tablet and the baby fell asleep. I don’t get why people are hating on the name Harriet either I think it suits April and Jackson and it’s an adorable name!

Meredith just needs to stop ‘fixing’ things because she just makes things worse and it causes more problems! Just leave it alone Mer!

Maggie practically drooling over Riggs is so cringe worthy and I just don’t want this love triangle! And when she asked him out it was so awkward!

Nothings as bad as broccoli 🙂

So Jo is getting on my nerves, but I feel bad for being annoyed with her because she has every right to be mad and upset and as much as I want her to she doesn’t have to tell everyone everything, what she went through was traumatic!

So happy the kid didn’t have to get his kidney removed, that would have ruined Alex, and most likely I would have started bawling my eyes out.

Owen and Amelia are adorable, I wasn’t sure about them at first but I do think they’re adorable even if their relationship did move a little fast, I’m glad that they’re both happy, and I really hope tis marriage sticks unlike everyother couple!

Where’s Arizona people!

I think Stephanie and Jo have a really strong friendship.

I loved that scene at the end in the living room with Alex and Meredith and she says that he slept with Riggs .. in the parking lot … in her car. And then Maggie walks in just as Meredith was about to tell Alex what the problem was, and he’s just looking between the two sisters and he gives Meredith that look. BFF Goals!

I thought that the editing of this episode wasn’t the greatest, the scenes changed super fast kind of like those flipagram things, and the scene near the start just after the court where Meredith and Alex where at the docks or somewhere on a bench it looked so much like greenscreen, which it is but your not supposed to realise.

Overall I don’t think this episode was too bad, I think there is definitely room for improvement but they’ve got a pretty big storyline going on at the minute and it is only the second episode and its hard for me to see my baby Alex in trouble!

Episode 3

I Ain’t No Miracle Worker

Why haven’t we seen the kids yet, and where do they sit anyways.

Yayyyy!!Arizona!!!! Finally she’s back and can cheer everyone up!

I really loved Amelia’s reaction to Nathan and Maggie, she just looked so shocked, and them three gossiping is always so fun to see.

Once again more Ben and Baily scenes! It was so funny seeing him struggling with all those things he had to carry and his excitement over the case in the ER but Bailey is not amused and makes him go pick up Tuck which means he misses the whole thing!

I am so glad we’re getting more medical cases back, yeah I know its only the third episode but I love them so much because its funny and I love all of them working together!

I’m glad Arizona gave Karev a good talking too, even though he’s my favourite it shouldn’t be swept under the rug, I still feel for him though.

Aha, yayy, they bring up Meredith owning part of the hospital 🙂

Sneaky April, so glad she’s back up and moving, and the way she sort of tricked Jackson ino getting her, dropped the diaper bag and sort of hobbled away, most likely to the ER!

If Bailey was my mum I’d be terrified! Poor Tuck is going to get a telling, and I would not want to be in his shoes right now, and can I just say Holy crap how big has Tuck got!

Aww, April just sat on the hospital bed with the baby watching someone code, slightly morbid, but then Karev came and sat with her, and I just had an image of an adorable friendship that could form.

Ok I was not expecting that, that was so creepy! She just sat up with her eyes wide open and geez man! Ok but how funny would it be if she died again … I’m a horrible person.

I am really loving the idea of a April and Alex friendship right now, when they were outside that room and were screaming as if they were at a sports event or something was the best thing ever.

Hmm Ben’s parenting technique is strange but it seemed to work.

Ok there are tears in my eyes, why Meredith did you have to talk about that dream. You know a show has you under its control when one damn sentence makes a tear roll down your face.

That poor girl has had such a traumatic day, she goes to her dads funeral, mows over her family with her car, get’s told her mums dead, goes into labour, nearly dies kind of, then she’s told her mums alive! That could screw a person up!

I just realised Alex has so many girl friends, but what guy friends does he have, Jackson and him aren’t that close so I think they need to give him a guy buddy, even though I love his relationships with all the girls, I think a low key, couple beers here and their relationship with someone wouldn’t hurt. (Then again, Meredith is basically like a guy with him, so it doesn’t have to be a top priority thing).

I think this was a better episode then episode 2, the scenes flowed a lot better in my opinion, I liked seeing Arizona back and the strange and unusual cases back again. And I’m looking forward to the next episode.

OK there we go hope you liked these episodes of Greys Anatomy, and I’ll be back in another couple of weeks to talk about the next couple of episodes.

Bye – Purple Pancakes 🙂


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