Top 10 Tuesday! All About the Villains!

Hello and welcome to another Top 10 Tuesday!

This is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

toptentuesdayI don’t really know how to do this so instead I’m going to just talk about some villains and my thoughts on them.


He is a classic villain! The way he gets in everyone’s head and is just so ruthless and JK Rowling did an excellent job writing him! I think the way he died in the movie wasn’t as good as in the books the way he just exploded but I still think the movie adaption did him justice.

untitled (53).png


He’s just plain evil. He’s psychotic. He’s mad. And I just really hope that there is nobody in real life who’s like him or else we’re all doomed.



I love Deucalion from Teen Wolf. He first shows up in season 3 and he is just so evil! He is the leader of the alpha pack and he’s blind and he’s responsible for so many deaths and he makes people do many horrible things. I could have chosen Gerard Argent for this list but he makes my blood boil and I actual do like watching Deucalion.



OK Klaus when he’s first introduced in the Vampire Diaries is just so ruthless and I hated him but looking back he is such a cool character and I ship Klaroline!! (When he showed up at graduation and beheaded all those things with a graduation cap I freaked!!!)



Ugh! Where do I start! She is so vile and just so annoying and she got under my skin so much! UGH!

untitled (54).png


I did not see him coming! I mean really!



So even though I’ve only read the first three I am really enjoying reading about these characters and all the drama they bring!



He’s from The Wrong Side of Right book by Jenn Marie Thorne. And I talked about it in my review but he is just so annoying and I just wanted to punch him in the face the whole entire time!



I am currently reading Hollow City by Ransom Riggs and I love all the fight sequences  with the wights and especially the hollows. I also love seeing them get squashed under boulders.



I left the worst till last. I read the scenes she’s in and I get chills. She creeps me out so much and just twist everything so much to fit her agenda. I am really hoping Cinder kicks her ass in the next two books of the series!


There we go 10 villains and what I think about them. What do you think about any of these characters? Does Levana freak you out like she does me (no spoilers please I’ve only read the first two)?

Bye- Purple Panakes 🙂


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