T5W – Gateway books to favourite genres.

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Top 5 Wednesday. So this weeks top118368ic, as it says in the title is books that introduce you to said genres’. This is half recommendations and also half what introduced me to some genres.



Hunger games. Mainly this was the movie’s that got me into this genre. I watched the first two movies and I really liked them but my mum loved them and so for either Christmas or my birthday she got me the boxset.untitled-17

Criminal Mystery/Thrillers

The Naturals. I love this series and I say that so much on my blog but I really do. I love shows like CSI, and Castle and NCIS and Criminal minds, and shows like that so this book was perfect for me. Its not to heavy and complicated and it’s easy to follow and also has big plot twists you don’t see coming (or at least I didn’t but then again I’m pretty oblivious)untitled-19

Sci Fi

The lunar chronicles. I was a bit iffy on science fiction books at first but I think this is a perfect starter. It’s such a cool and interesting story, it doesn’t throw really complicated words at you left right and centre either. untitled-20


To all the boys I’ve loved before. This introduced me to the fluffy cute romancey side of contemporary that I didn’t think I would enjoy but then I read this and really enjoyed it and there a few more books like this I want to give a try.untitled-29

 Urban Fantasy

Vampire Academy. I think the Mortal Instruments is also a good gateway to urban fantasy but I feel like Vampire Academy is a lot less complicated and also the books are smaller then any of the Mortal Instruments books so it’s not as intimidating .untitled-31

There we go. Gateways into whole other worlds with amazing characters full of magic and laughter.

Hope you liked this and thanks for reading.

Bye – Purple Pancakes 🙂


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