#TTT -Books on my fall TBR list.

Hello and welcome back to another Top 10 Tuesday. This is an awesome meme thing hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. toptentuesday

This weeks topic is Books on my Fall TBR

STARFLIGHT – By Melissa Landers.

I got this book for my birthday, and I haven’t read it yet but for some reason it feels like a fall read to me, maybe because of the dark blue and then the gold on the cover, but I just imagine myself reading it when it’s rainy and windy outside.


The second book comes out this year and I cant really remember what happens in the first book so I would very much like to re read this at some point in the fall to refresh my memory for the second book.

FROSTBITE (Vampire Academy) – By Rachelle Mead

This is another book I want to re read. I re read the first book in this series a couple of months back and it helped me get out of a reading slump, and when I first read this one I really loved it, so hopefully I can get to this.

(I feel really weird that Frostbite is in red writing when the cover is blue, and COTAR is in blue when the cover is red, am I being stupid)


Yes I know I cant believe I haven’t yet read this either. It’s sitting on my shelf staring at me saying ‘read me, read me!’ I just haven’t picked this up yet and I keep putting it off and off and off.


I want to re read this book. I have read this, at the start of the year but I cant really remember much of what happened and I feel in a series like this I am going to need to know everything before jumping into the second book.


I keep seeing this book on my shelf and I hope I can get to it soon. This is another I see myself reading on a rainy day.

KILLER INSTINCT (The Naturals) – By Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

The fourth book of this series comes out this year and I need to re read this book, (the second in the 4 book series) because I cant remember much, once again, I am terrible I know. But I really cant wait to read this.

HOLLOW CITY – By Ransom Riggs

I am currently reading this but I just cant be bothered to read and I have no time to read anyways so I’m adding it onto this list anyways because I hope to finish this this fall.

LIBRARY OF SOULS – By Ransom Riggs

I really want to finish trilogy before the end of the year. Which means getting to the third and final book in this fab trilogy and hopefully getting the Tales of the Peculair book. (IT HAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL COVER)


And I don’t have a tenth book for fall so its a Top 9 this week people! I just want to point out that I doubt I’ll read any of the books on this list in October because I have a Halloween style TBR for October, and if you want to find out what those books are keep an eye out for my October TBR!

There we go guys, hope you enjoyed this. What books are on your fall TBR? If you’ve read any books off here tell me what you thought about them, but please no spoilers!

Bye – Purple Pancakes 🙂



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