5 Funko Pops That Need To Exist!

Hello and welcome back.

So today I am going to talk about 5 types of Funko Pops that need to exist! I currently have 4 Funko Pops and I hope to collect some more because they are just so damn cute and adorable with their big heads and big eyes!


But lets just jump into it:


I hope these exist soon what with the movie coming out next year. But Emma Watson looks so good in the role and I would love to see a mini big headed version of her, and the concept art for the furniture looks so cool.


Ok so apparently they’re making these but I’m adding it anyways because I want these so much. Think how cute they’ll be. Stiles will be adorable. I hope they make a Sheriff Stilinksi and a Parish one. Lydia will be adorable. I want an Isaac one too with his scarves. The Argents, with Kate’s blue werewolf skin. I cant wait!


I want a Magnus Bane funko! And he could come with his cat too. The runes paired with the all black clothes! They would look so badass! And then there would be Simon so cute. I haven’t yet read Infernal Devices but I want them to have figurines too as well as the new characters from Lady Midnight which I also haven’t read. I think Valentine would look cool too, and Sebastian too.


Ok so once again I cant go a day without talking about this series! These would be the cutest thing ever but it would also bankcrupt me because I would want all of them. I cant help but imagine the Chiron figurine either in his wheelchair or in Centaur form, which would be epic! Leo Valdez with his hands on fire. Annabeth with a book and a dagger. Nico in his Aviator. Thalia looking badass as ever. Obviously a Sally Jackson one would be desperately needed. I’m getting myself all excited now!


I love Power Rangers, I used to force my brother to watch it with me and I am using him next year to get into the movie without being seen as a weirdo. And as much as I have a few problems with the new suits (they look like Tony Stark made a commercial deal with Fruit Loops or something and made rainbow Iron suits) I still think it’s going to be a cool movie and I think the Funko Pops would look cool.

There we go everyone there are 5 funko Pops I need in my life. Hope you liked this and if there are any types of Funko Pops you’d like to see make sure to comment down below I would love to see some other suggestions.

Bye – Purple Pacakes 🙂


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