Greys Anatomy Season 13 Ep 1 TALK! (SPOILERS)

I’m dead inside 😂😓😏😌 Haha … haha .. ha … ha:(

Hello! So about a week ago maybe not as long ago I did a Greys Anatomy Season 13 wishlist and the first episode aired last night so when I got home after school today I obviously watched it first thing. And so I wanted to talk about each episode of the new season. Its kind of a given that this will contain Spoilers so I don’t suggest reading on if you haven’t watched the episode.

Depending on how much homework I have (my math teacher has been giving me a lot every night) these will be up every Friday or Saturday, like I said depending on how busy I am.

So lets get on with it:




When I first started watching this my heart was in my mouth, I was so scared! I was so nervous because the first episode of the season is always just so heart breaking!

But then we go right on back to Amelia and Owens wedding. This was so adorable and even though I really liked Cristina and Owen I thought Amelia looked so cute in her dress and they both looked so happy and please say their marriage lasts … unlike every other marriage on this show!

Then there was the Meredith and Riggs scene and just NOOO! I don’t like these two together! It just feels so weird to me! I understand that Meredith has to move on from Derek, he’s dead, I get that but with him! Can’t she just meet someone in a bar or something! And then Maggie came and the awkwardness just grew!

We then cut to Alex … in the back of an ambulance … with Deluca … who has his face smashed in!! Oh for god sake Alex why do you do these things! I don’t even know what more to say about this at the minute other then I am extremely nervous about this story line!

When Meredith got that look in her eye! She knew straight away it was Alex and she reminded me of a mamma bear just so much and I love that aspect of her character so much but then she told him to lie about his hand and tell people he fell in the rain. The people you work with aren’t stupid, they’re doctors, they’re gonna realise somethings up! And lying just doesn’t end well, it spirals out of control and I cant handle that!

I liked it when Ben was wondering who was running trauma since April had literally just had an extremely traumatic labour and it’s Owens wedding night so when he asks Bailey she just looks around is just like “hmm … hmmm … looks like it you”. I just thought that was super cute.

Then we flashed to Jo and Alex’s apartment and I just wanted her to tell them what happened (Meredith and Richard). Just let it all out Jo! I liked the cute moment between Jo and Webber, when he was trying to help her out and give her a shoulder to cry on and help clam her down. And then when he went to make her some coffee, I knew this would happen, she snuck out! KNEW IT!

And then there was another Maggie and Riggs moment, ugh!

Then Jackson Avery appeared and he was helping fix Deluca by doing some sort of operation but all the time I was thinking HE SHOULD BE WITH APRIL AND HIS BABY!!!! I know they’re in the same building but still, I just thought maybe he should be seeing his baby and April. Also while I was watching Avery talk ‘Doctor stuff’ I couldn’t help remembering when they were all little interns and it made me feel so nostalgic.

And then finally we saw baby Avery-Kepner! I am so happy for them, especially after what happened with their first born. And she’s is so adorable and cute. But when we first saw her she was in Katherine’s arms. I still don’t like her very much after she suggested they sue April for full custody of the baby BEFORE IT WAS EVEN BORN! But yeah, so the baby was in her arms and she asked about her name, and then she jumped to the conclusion that the baby was called Katherine, because April said they wanted to give her a strong name. I loved how April was like “pft no” and the babies name is ….. HARIET! Such an adorable name. Well, Kathering didn’t think that, you just saw her face drop, and then she kept saying it and she said, “Hariet Avery it rolls right off the tounge” and to prove how much of a badass she is April said, “sorry who said her name’s Avery?” YOU GO GIRL!

Then there was another Riggs and Meredith scene, and he got a pat on the shoulder as she was walking out, and I don’t know why I found this so funny.

When Jo got to the hospital and she started talking with Alex! Alex messed up big time, he didn’t let her finish her explanation so everything sounded bad and he jumped to conclusions. I wanted to scream at him to just LISTEN! And then he started being so mean, just saying such terrible and hurtful stuff.

Surgeries!! This episode mainly focused on the drama of what happened in the last episode so we don’t get to see a lot of the gross things that I like to see but we did get to see into Deluca’s eye surgery and the eye was all red and they were sucking blood out of it and I loved seeing all the gross and bloody things back!

And yayy we got another April and baby scene! Kathrine was gong on about how the last name Avery would open up so many doors for the baby thanks to what she’d formed it into, and how it meant something. But guess what the name Kepner means something too biotch, and boy did April tell her that. Kepner means something along the lines of loyalty, and someone you can always turn to but the thing I remember about that speech was “where you can get a fair and quality price for pork”! Loved it.

April then wanted to hold her baby and Katehring refused saying she’d gone something extremely traumatic and superhuman and painful and that she would have the rest of that babies life to hold her but April needed to get better. And I see where she was coming from but also I was screeming, partially in my head, partially out loud, JUST GIVE HER BACK HER BABY!!! Thankfully Jackosn walked in to coo on the baby, and I cant really remember why but it was something to do with the name again, which they’re hyphenating (I spelt that right thank to autocorrect only), but April said “Because she is my baby, that *pointing to Jackson* is your baby, she is MY baby”. I love April so much and she definitely has the best character growth from anything I’ve ever watched or read.

We then had another Jo scene and still I just want her to let it out about the abusive husband she ran away from. Things would be so much easier, and it would clear so many things up if she just told them about it instead of holding it all in. I’m probably being extremely hypocritical right now, because I most likely wouldn’t tell the truth about that to anyone either and I know it would be hard but Jo’s tough, I think she should just tell them and get it over with so people can help!

Meredith was then in the, I don’t know what it’s called, but the place where the residents chill out, (Resident Lounge?) and she was sat there trying to decide what to do about Alex and building up the stamina to tell Bailey. When of course, Riggs walked in! And they sat together and I just don’t know why I don’t like these two together, but I just don’t! But whatever he says helps because now she’s on her way to tell Bailey.

My eyes were watering at this point, obviously.

When Meredith gets to Baileys office she sits down and to be honest she looks like she’s going to throw up. But the she sighs and says “it was Alex”. Then they’re running all over the place looking for Alex, who has just been freaking out this whole episode. While they were running I realised how mum-sy Meredith looked and I really appreciated that. Noramlly they make the middle aged mums be very heavy on the makeup and the skirts and all things like that but they don’t do that with Meredith and it makes her feel so much more real with her hair tide back, in mom jeans, converse, a plain t-shirt and zip up hoodie.

They find Alex and he’s with the police and THEY ARRESTED HIM! He told them it was him and the put him in handcuffs and my heart was racing, my eyes felt hot. Then everything went in slow motion as they were walking him down a bunch of stairs passing everyone he knows who were all staring and the slow motion just really annoyed me in this, probably because I didn’t want to see Alex like that.  So heartbreaking!

Also in my notes that I wrote on my phone while I was watching it, I wrote that I wondered where Meredith’s kids where, and that the baby sitter must be rich.

Then Maggie accused Meredith of lying to her and asked if that was her plan all along, to just lie about it. Maggie was very upset about Deluca being beat up because they dated for a while and now she’s wondering if she had been bad to Deluca even though he broke up with her and if she was stupid to go chasing after Riggs (which she is but that’s not the point) when Deluca was right there.

We also got another cute Bailey and Ben moment when they were in bed, and Baily hits him and he wakes up and is just like “what?!”. She wants to know if he knew about Karev, to which he replies he had his suspicions. She’s briefly mad that he didn’t go to her and tell her but he uses her own rule against her saying he can go to his wife with his suspicions but not the Chief  since it was just a suspicion and had no actual facts. He turns over and smiles to himself and Bailey kinds of rolls her eyes and sends him a look before laying back down. (Also I totally forgot Bens name while watching this and I had to look him up on google, I am a terrible fan)

The second to last scene was Riggs showing up on Merediths doorstep. They go outside and pass a bunch of bikes and doll houses which for some reason I liked seeing. And he’s like “I have feelings for you and I know you feel something too”, (something along those lines I cant remember word for word, but Meredith feels guilty since she’d just had that talk with Maggie about trust and family and Maggie fancies Riggs so she says “someone will get hurt”. While they’re talking they kept getting closer and I thought they kiss but then Meredith tell hims she doesn’t feel anything for him and goes back inside.

But the thing is she does feel things for him, its extremely clear that she does and that she’s just saying she doesn’t to spare her sisters feelings.

And the last scene! Alex in a jail cell! They had him caged up like a wild animal! I felt so sorry for him. Meredith comes and they’re talking and he’s saying how he’s turned into the old version of himself and how he’s never going to be aloud to step foot in that hospital every again and that he’ll get his medical license removed. Its not fair, why do all the bad things happen to him! Then he bows his head to the bars and Meredith does the same thing. And they have a cute moment.

There relationship better stay platonic because they are BFF goals!

I am extremely scared and nervous and excited for the next episode I bet it’s going to just as intense as the first.

I didn’t cry this episode but it wont be long until I’m wailing on the floor!

There we have it my recap and review thing for the first episode of Greys Anatomy season 13. I hope you liked it, and if you watched this episode tell me what you thought about it.

Bye – Purple Pancakes 🙂  




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