TOP 5 WEDNESDAY- Character you would NOT want to trade places with.


Hello and Welcome back to another Top 5 Miercoles (I thought I’d be cool and show off my Spanglish but … epic fail!)

I love this weeks topic so much. Who do I definitely NOT want to trade places with? Anyone/everyone in a Dystopian novel? Lets get started!

If you want to do this then the questions are on the Goodreads page.

I cant think of 5 book character’s so I’m gonna mix it up and do move/TV show character!

1- KATNISS EVERDEEN– I know this is most likely going to be a very cliché answer and loads of people are going to say this, but I just couldn’t not! (Double negative?) She just got up in so much twisted and bad stuff, everyone she loves dies, she’s forever going to be emotionally, mentally and physically scared. I get stressed out enough when my mum asks me to put a wash in let alone freeing a bunch of people from under the thumb of a corrupt leader! untitled-54

2- Mia Hall – (IF I STAY, POSSIBLE SPOILERS) – Mia Hall is a girl who looses her whole family in a car accident and she’s in a coma but can still sense everything going on around her, like an out of body experience. I wouldn’t survive if I lost my family!

images (9).jpg

3- Prince Kai,(The Lunar Chronicles) – He’s just in such a bad situation, (I’ve only read the first two). His got so much new responsibility, he’s stressed out, he has to meet with Queen Levana a bunch of times (God she gives me the creeps). I just do not want to be in his shoes.

untitled (55).png

4- Callie from The Fosters – This girl has just gone through so much in her life and is still going through so much crap, I’m not going into detail in case you’re not caught up.

untitled (56).png

5- Meredith Grey from Greys Anatomy – This character has nearly died so many times she should be in Supernatural! So many people have died around her, so many bad things happen to her time after time again, I  just could not cope. I feel like she maybe should have been in one of the Final Destination movies by now she’s had so many near death (and death one time) experiances! I’d lock myself into a padded room and’ still be scared.


Ok that is it for this weeks T5W, make sure to check out the Goodereads page which is linked in the intro-y part, I’m not linking it down here again because my laptop is being stupid and it takes me forever to link things sometimes.

This was a very fun (and slightly depressing) topic. But oh well. Thanks for reading.

Bye – Purple Pancakes 🙂


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