Top 10 Tuesday – Songs you may not have heard.

Hello and welcome to another Top 10 Tuesday.

toptentuesdayThis is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and this week’s topic is Audio Freebie’s.  I actually haven’t listened to any audiobooks yet, I think I want to but I’d need to find something else to focus on as well, maybe colouring, but I don’t know.

Anyways since I haven’t listened to any audiobooks I’m instead going to talk about songs that I love that aren’t that popular an need more recognition!

1- Constellations by Tom Odell – This is such a good song, Tom Odell has such a soothing voice and I love to listen to this when I cant sleep.

2- Christina’s Song by MAX– This song makes me cry when I really focus on the lyrics, this was written for Christina Grimmie who was killed at her concert, and although I had never heard of her before that, this song really touches me.

3- Eyes Nose Lips by Epik High – This is such a good song! And you should just go check it out!

4- Guilty, Guilty by Rocky Loves Emily – Ok I cant find this on Youtube to link it, but I can get it on Deezer  if you have that. But this is such a good and upbeat song, it has a kind of rock vibe feel to it too.

5- Hold Each Other by A Great Big World  – I know nearly all the words to this song!

6- Comin’ Home by City and Colour – This is a new favourite for me, but I really like listening to this song, it’s so simple and I love the guitar sound in the back.

7- Dancing On My Own by Callum Scott– Ok maybe I’m being biased because the guy who covered this (which is the one I’m talking about) is from where I’m from. But still this song is so good and you should check it out if you haven’t heard it off Britain’s Got Talent yet.

9- All My Friends by Summer Set – This is a really fun song to dance around too.

OK so the next two aren’t songs but Artists that I really like.

9- Tyler Henderson – Ugh I love this guy, my favourite song of his is Worth Fighting For. (I’m literally singing it now as I type)

10- Artist Vs Poet – Artist vs Poet actually really helped me get into music, I love the songs, Stay , and Kids Again.

There you go hope you liked this, and hope you checked out some of the songs, there are links to all the songs on Youtube.

Bye- Purple Pancakes 🙂



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