Greys Anatomy Season 13 Wishlist!


Hello everyone, so this is a new thing I want to do on my blog and that is Wishlists, for either movie’s or new season’s of TV shows I love. I am planning on a doing a Teen Wolf and a Supergirl wishlist but I’ll do them closer to when they’re aired.

Anyways, I binged watched the whole series of Greys Anatomy this year, I think I took a brief brake somewhere between the third and fourth season, but then when I got back into it I watched it constantly.

The new season of Greys Anatomy airs on the 22nd of September so here are the things I want to happen in the 13th season:

Mention – Just a mention! – of the people that have died or left like: LEXI! MARK! GEORGE! DEREK! CHRISTINA!

OK. I really want someone to say something about Lexi and or Mark! Lexi was Meredith’s sister, she dated  Alex and Jackson! Mark is literally Sofia’s father and yet when was the last time we talked about them!? We did get a bit of talk about George though not that long ago and Derek was greatly mentioned this past season so hopefully they keep this up. And with Christina, obviously Sandra Oh doesn’t want to come back to the show so maybe Meredith could instead mention a phone call she had with her or something.

Arizona having a talk with Sofia about Mark.

So just like what I said above this is the same-ish thing. Sofia was just a baby when Mark died,  I feel like it would be nice to see Sofia maybe asking more about what happened with Arizona’s leg and then the conversation moving to how Mark died in the same accident. I think it would be an amazing moment for the two of them, a bonding experience, especially since Callie is now in New York.

More of Meredith with her kids/the three sisters raising them all together.

Last season we saw Meredith’s free kids a lot more (Zola, Bailey and Ellis [who should have been names after Lexi not her mother!]). Which was really nice to see. And I loved it when we saw the brief clips of all three of the sisters, (Meredith, Maggia and Amelia) where getting them ready in a morning and it was so cute and made me smile. We need more of that!


Is this too much to ask! For  Alex Karev to just be happy! That is all I want. Just sort this whole Jo thing out, let them too get married and be happy and make adorably cute babies, so that Alex and Meredith can have play dates and make dry and sarcastic comments!


They’ve just had a baby. They’re an adorable couple. Why cant they just sort themselves out and get back together and make more adorable babies!!! Also they better have a cute baby name I cant wait to learn what it is!

Can we just stop with Amelia and Meredith arguing!

How about we just try not to argue this season ok?  They’re sisters-in-law sure they’re supposed to argue every now and then but these two can be savage and their savageness (is that a word?)  just causes more problems and everyone becomes divided which isn’t what we need!

Mrs Shepard (mother too Amelia and Derek) makes an appearance!

We haven’t seen nor heard anything about Dereks mother for a while now. And now her son’s dead, Amelia’s working at the hospital, I think she needs to be there for a bit. I feel like it would be such a good episode because she’ll most likely argue with Amelia (they didn’t even turn up to her wedding!), she’ll get to see the kids assuming that she hasn’t seen them in a while and we don’t know if she’s ever even met Ellis! Also she may meet Sofia considering she practically took in Mark when he was younger)

Meredith and Mason Riggs (the guy she slept with at the end of season 12)….  JUST NO!

I don’t like this, I don’t like this, I DONT LIKE THIS! – This was literally me when they ‘did-the-do’.




I get that he’s the first person that she’s slept with since Derek’s death but why him? Why couldn’t she just go to a bar and hook up with some random dude! And then Maggie goes and says she has a crush on him! NOOOOOO!!!

 Addison guest appearance!

This would be so cool. I haven’t watched Private Practise (I watched like the first two episodes, I think I need to get into it though) but Addison knew Amelia when she was going through her rough patch so I think it would be nice for her to see Amelia now. And for her to see everyone after Derek’s death.

Hospital Lockdown

One of my favourite episodes was when there was that crazy guy who’s wife died in the hospital, held the hospital hostage at gun point. That episode was so intense! Maybe even an episode like the ferry crash too, where they’re out in the field more.


Please I beg! No more main character deaths just please. No joke, when Derek died, those two episodes, maybe two and a half, I cried for the whole thing, I couldn’t even see through my tears, I was literally wailing. It is such a good job mybrother was in bed, and my parents where at work. My mum came home at around eleven o clock on the night to find me curled up on the couch with puffy eyes and a snotty nose.

Let Amelia and Owen be HAPPY!

These two got married last season and they’ve had difficult lives, so just let them BE HAPPY!!! The actress who plays Amelia who’s name I have just forgotten, well she’s pregnant, and I really wish they’d put that into the show because Owen’s always wanted a baby, it’s one of the treasons he divorced from Cristina (I’m still sour about that they were adorable).

There we go people my wishlist for season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy, I am so excited and so scared for the newest season.

Hope you guys like this. Like I said I’m planning on doing one for Supergirl and Teen Wolf closer to when they air.

Bye – Purple Pancakes 🙂






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