Top 5 Wednesday- Books I want to see as TV shows! (14.09.16)

Sup people of the internet!118368

I don’t know why I wrote that but I’m just going to leave it there.

This weeks top 5 Wednesday is Books That I Would Very Much Like To See As A TV show!

I’m super excited for this so let us being:

 Percy Jackson and the Olympians & other books from Rick Riordan’s Mythology world!

I want this as an animated series! Ok but hear me out: We start off with a Percy Jackson series and then they make a Kane Chronicles one, and then obviously at the end of the PJO series we introduce Heroes of Olympus with all the new characters. After that we start a Magnus Chase and a Trials of Apollo series with awesome crossovers and one off specials of the Greek Gods/Heroes and Demigod file/diaries!!!!

The Wrong Side Of Right by Jenn Marie Thorne

Ok I’m currently reading this, but I think it would make a really great show. I think Freeform (ABC) would do a really good job with this. I think they might have to add a bit more  drama here and there but I think the overall plot of this book (a girl who find out her dad is a US senator who’s running for president and then goes with them on the campaign) would make a great show.

Clearwater Witches by Madeline Freeman

Ok I am also currently reading the first book in this series Crystal Magic but we need more shows about witches and what with Teen Wolf and the Vampire Diaries ending I think this could be awesome show. Maybe on CW or MTV.

Gotham Academy

I haven’t read this yet. I admit. But .. I think it would be a brilliant show on either CW or Netflix since they do a lot of DC shows. There aren’t any teenage superhero shows out there and this takes place in an academy! I would die if this became a reality!

Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

I’ve only read the first book in this series but I think it would make a great show. I think the super strange plot will be really good to see. The settings (the boarding school, Ganseys apartment, Blue’s house, the magical woods where the seasons change and things [I’ve forgotten the name of it]) Also I really want to see Calla and Persephone in real life!

There we go that is the TOP 5 SHOWS I WANT TO SEE ON THE SMALL SCREEN!!!

Hope you like this, I really enjoyed doing this one this week.

Bye – PurplePancakes 🙂 


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