Scarlet [The Lunar Chronicles #2] Book Review

untitled (34).pngTITLE – Scarlet

SERIES- The Lunar Chronicles

AUTHOR- Marissa Meyer

PUBLICAION DATE- Febuary 5th 2013   PUBLISHER- Feiwel & Friends

GENRE- Sci fi/ YA

FORMAT- Paperback   PAGE COUNT- 452

COVER I really like this cover, and the whole of this series have nice covers. At first I didn’t recognize the hair and arm you can see in the bottom right hand corner, I thought it was just the cape. I like the font for the title, it reminds me of the old fairy tales.



5 STARS! I loved this book so much, it was extremely entertaining, the whole idea of this world that Marissa Meyer has created is amazing and so cool. The characters are well written and so different and I am so excited to read the third book, Cress. If you haven’t read Cinder, the first book in the series go check it out.


Cinder, the cyborg mechanic, returns in the second thrilling instalment of the bestselling Lunar Chronicles. She’s trying to break out of prison – even though if she succeeds she’ll be the Commonwealth’s most wanted fugitive.

Halfway around the world, Scarlet Benoit’s grandmother is missing. It turns out there are many things Scarlet doesn’t know about her grandmother or the grave danger she has lived in her whole life. When Scarlet encounters Wolf, a street fighter who may have information as to her grandmother’s whereabouts, she is loath to trust this stranger, but is inexplicably drawn to him, and he to her. As Scarlet and Wolf unravel one mystery, they encounter another when they meet Cinder. Now all of them must stay one step ahead of the vicious Lunar Queen Levana, who will do anything for the handsome Prince Kai to become her husband, her king, her prisoner. 


This book was amazing, hence the five star rating. It was well written, well paced and well plotted.

I liked how we switch points of view between, Scarlet, Cinder and Kai and even one from Queen Levana, we don’t have any chapters from Thorne or Wolf, though, maybe in the third book we read through their eyes. I feel like if that’s the case, the chapters from Thorne are going to be hilarious because he’s so funny.

I like how we travel in this story, we go to New Beijing and France and Space, it was nice to explore more of this world, and what the earth is like so many years in the future.

There were also a lot of things in here I did not see coming.

This book definitely didn’t have the second book curse, infact I thought this was actually better then the first.

If you haven’t read this book yet then go read it and come back for the spoiler part of this review when you’re done, and we can discuss all the cool, cute and WTF! moments that happened.



Hello if you’re still reading this. This is the spoiler part of this review so if you haven’t finished don’t blame me for spoiling it.

My favourite thing about this book is the relationship between Cinder and Thorne – They are hilarious! From the minute Cinder drops into Thorne’s cell it’s instant sass and sarcasm! Their love/hate relationship feels so real, and relatable, for example when they get to the ship and Thorne is kissing it and Cinder is just rolling her eyes.

Another thing about these two that I liked is how grossed out Thorne was by Cinder plugging things into her brain and had to give himself a sort of pep talk before opening up the hatch at the back of her head so he could save her when they first got on the ship

Thorne’s nickname for Cinder, Cyborg-girl, cracked me up. I also like how supportive Thorne was of  Cinder being cyborg and Lunar, sure he was a little shocked when it came to her telling him he was lunar but he sure acted better then Kai when he found out.

Scarlet – I thought that Scarlet was a really great character all together, she was strong but not suddenly strong like in a lot of YA books, where the character suddenly becomes really brave and strong and godlike. And for some reason I loved how she worked on a farm and how Marissa chose to write about France, but not Paris -capital city France (at least for the most part of the story and the hometown of the main protagonist), but instead a small town/farm. I also liked her style, I recently died my hair red and have a love for hoodies.

Iko is back!-  Yayy! Cinder’s android has returned. Iko is the android of Cinder’s stepmother, and was the only real friend Cinder had, that was until Adri, sold her for parts, yes I know. Bitch! But Cinder, being the genius that she is, salvaged her personality chip, and in this book plugged it into the spaceship. Iko was so funny after that, when she turned into the ship and felt insecure nd Thorne flirting with her was my favourite scene by far.

Kai – I got so pissed with Kai at the ending of the Cinder! He just acted so wrong when he found out about Cinder and it really annoyed me. However, reading the chapters from his point of view I realized that he has a lot to deal with, his father died not that long ago, he’s now the ruler, he’s trying to deal with the Lunars, and he fell in love with a girl who turned out to be cyborg and a Lunar, and it was either give Cinder over to Levana or she would have raged war killing a butt load of people. So I guess in that aspect  he did the right thing. And when he says he hopes she gets away it made me warm up to him.

I liked the age diffrences – It made a fresh change to see all the characters be different ages for example Cinder being 16, Scarlett 18, Thorne 20, and how they acknowledged this, well besides when Thorne was hitting on Cinder even after she told him how old she was.

Another scene I liked was when Scarlett was in the tavern in the first few chapters and Cinder is on the news, and how she gets really worked up over the fact that she knows Cinder will most likely be executed and that she acknowledged her only being 16.


*loud and exasperated sigh* Where do I start with Wolf (I’m keeping this name because his other name is weird and I cant pronounce it). At first I thought he was cute, him being all shy and trying tomatoes for the first time, but I still sort of knew there was something wrong about him, especially since this is based off of Little red riding hood story and we all know the Wolf in that story is a jerk (that is if and animal can be a jerk). But he won me over and  made me drop my guard. I thought he was nice and he treated Scarlet well and I enjoyed seeing the two together. I seriously believed the whole :Ex – Loyal Soldier of the Order of the Pack thing!

I definitely wasn’t expecting them to be lunar operatives, I did however, suspect that they would be like the wolf creatures that the Earthen government saw from satellite photos in the first book.

But then he went and betrayed Scarlet. Honestly I couldn’t believe it, I refused to believe it, I was sure that he was just doing that to get them out safely. But no! I think I’ll have to wait till I read the next book and see his character grow more to really form anymore thoughts on him. His way of giving Scarlet the chip to free herself from the prison was just strange and it’s pretty obvious he likes Scarlet so I’m excited to see that relationship grow in future books.

Scarlet and Wolf love story – This was my only problem with this book. It’s not even all that big of a deal really.

Ok so I liked the I hate you/ I don’t trust you but I like you and I feel bad about it because you may be part of the reason my grandmother was kidnapped , relationship they had going on and I thought they where cute.

My problem lies with the fact that I was reading this thinking: oh cute and it’s not insta love either. But then not 5 minutes later when they were snogging Scarlet reminded me that they had only known each other for a day. I have no idea how I didn’t realise this, maybe because of all the things that had happened in that time frame, but I was shocked. And instantly was like “oh  never mind“.

I just find it weird how one minute she’s not trusting him and holding a gun to his temple to 24 hours later snogging him on the back of a train they’d just jumped onto and nearly fallen off of. But I guess that’s what you sign up for when you get obsessed with YA book.

Queen Levana gives me the Heeby Jeebies. Just the mention of her sends a cold shiver down my spine.


I thought the way Cinder admitted that she was Princes Selene was well done, and how she just blurted it out, after so long holding it all inside and it tearing her up. I also liked Thorne’s reaction, totally shocked and then coming to her defence when she storm off, saying, “it’s part of her charm”.

I’m looking forward to seeing her come to terms more with her newfound identity and learning how to control her powers.

Also the way Wolf said that Cinder was his “real queen” made me smile and I cannot wait to see the scenes in the next book where Wolf is teaching Cinder how to use her powers.

 That’s all I have to say now about Scarlet by Marissa Meyer, overall I really enjoyed this and highly recommend you read the first book, Cinder.

Reading this has me really pumped and excited for Meyer’s new book Heartless which is about the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, when she was younger and before she came evil, it’s basically her origin story. I totally forgot to include it in my most anticipated releases for the fall, but like I said, I cant wait.

Hope you liked this, I’m looking forward too eventually getting around to Cress and Winter although I’m pretty intimidated, mainly because after I finish Cress I will have to eventually dive into the monster that is the final book Winter which is humungous!

Anyways, if you read this I hope you liked it, tell me your thoughts of this book, and if you agree/disagree with anything I said.

Bye – PurplePancakes 🙂






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