Back To School Book Tag


I’m Crying on the Inside!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another tag. I go back to school soon, on the 15th.  Another year of constant stress, no sleep, being hungry and wanting to commit murder.

Sounds fun doesn’t it? images

Anyways lets jump into the tag, which I found on As Told By Tina.

ENGLISH/LANGUAGE ARTS – Name your favourite Author’s (or books) writing style.


I love Ricks writing style, it’s so funny and easy to understand.

MATH – A book that made you frustrated.


This frustrated me because I DNF-ed it and so many people love this series!

SCIENCE- A book that really made you think or question things.


This made me think of what it would be like in a situation like that and why someone would do something like that to other human beings.

SOCIAL STUDIES/HISTORY  – Your favourite book from a different time period. 

I havent read to many books from different time periods. So I really want to get Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, (the edition you see above), but I own the Brothers Grimm fairy tales (in the gorgeous edition you see above) but haven’t completed it, I’ve only read a few stories in it.

ART – Your favourite book with pictures in it.


This book is so gorgeous and has amazing illustrations and I am so happy that I own this book. Also it’s pretty educational book which works with this tag.

DRAMA- A book you would love to see as a movie

untitled (35).png

I think, if they do this right, this could be an awesome movie. Maybe wait a couple of years or else people may compare it too Hunger Games. But yeah, I think this could make a good movie.

MUSIC/BAND – Name a character you think (or  know) has the same music taste as you.


Errr … Yeah I feel really bad, but I haven’t read enough books to figure out who has the same taste as me, and also on my playlist I have The Beatles next to Eminiem next to Avril Lavigne next to Imagine Dragons next to Destiny’s Child, next to James Blunt next to Bohemian Rapsody – if you know a character like that please tell me.

LUNCH- A food from a book you would love to try.

untitled (36).png

DUH!!!!! (I need to go to Universal studios ASAP!)

BUS RIDE HOME- A book or author that is relaxing

untitled (38).png

(I’m ashamed as to how long it took me to understand this question and now it’s so clear and I feel so dumb). This is relaxing cause there’s not many words and the art is beautiful.

EXTRA CREDIT – A book someone else recommended you to read and you ended up enjoying it.


I don’t know if this counts, but I’m the reader in my friend group so I normally recommend books to other people, but I guess this could count – Jesse the reader recommends this book so much and talked about it loads,  that it made me read it and I loved it.

There we go. I am now extremely depressed because school is starting. If you’re going back to school soon, or are already at school then feel free to do this tag, or if you’ve already finished school too, but just know that I am extremely jealous of you not having to ask to go to the toilet.

Bye – Purple Pancakes 🙂  


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