#T5W 7th September 2016 – Characters I’d want as parents.

Hello! Welcome to Top 5 Wednesday!

This weeks top 5 topic is Characters you’d want as family, and so I am doing a list of the top 5 characters I would want as my parents. Two of these are characters from a TV show.


  1. LUNA LOVEGOOD– I think she would make a brilliant mother! We don’t get to see her at all as a mother in the stories or in Cursed Child, if you’re not a die hard fan of Harry Potter, you may not know that she has twin sons, Lorcan and Lysander Scamander. I feel like as her child you would go on so many adventures looking for creatures, she’d tell such good stories and be an amazing role model and friend. images (3).jpg
  2. SOLANGELO (Will Solace & Nico Di Angelo)– I love these two! But in all seriousness I would love these two as my parents. Even though Will is the doctor I think Nico would be the more protective one, and would sing to the kids in Italian and summon skeletons to make the baby laugh and I think Will would buy the kid a miniature doctors set. untitled (28).png
  3. Katnis and Peeta – These two would be adorable as parents and their babies would be so cute. They would always make sure their kids were happy, and they would spend a lot of time in the fields and meadows. Katnis would sing soft lullabies and teach them how to hunt because that’s what her father did for her. Peeta would teach the kids how to paint, even though it would end up in a total mess, and he’d paint the kids rooms, and bake with them and aww the feels.   untitled (29).png                                              THE NEXT TWO ARE TV CHARACTERS!
  4. Scott McCall –  I think he would make a great father, obviously not yet since he’s 17/18. But I think he would make a great dad. He’s brilliant with his pack, Liam is like perfect practice for him. I think he’d help his kid with their powers, staying true to his beliefs. imagesH608RVCX.jpg
  5. Dean Winchester Ok I know he had Ben, and I wish they’d kept him on! He was so good with Ben and so good with kids in general. I just want Dean as a dad so much!!! (Also the photo is of the actor and his kid, how adorable are they?!)   untitled-31

There you have it folks, the people I think would make good parents! Hope you liked this. Sorry its late, I got my dates totally mixed up, and last night I started writing but I was so tired and didn’t like any of what I had written.

Bye – Purple Pancakes 🙂


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