TOP 10 TUESDAY! (06.09.16) – In honour of fall tv!

This weeks topic for Top 10 Tuesday is in honour of fall TV. I am so excited for my favourite shows to be starting up again, I don’t know how I’ve survived for so long without new  episodes! toptentuesday

This was created at The Broke and the Bookish, and it’s my first time doing this so lets see how it goes:


(No particular order except maybe the first two)

1– TEEN WOLF. I love this show. There haven’t been any new episodes for nearly a year. This is the last season. I am going to die. I’m now crying. I think it’s time to move on!

2- SUPERNATURAL – Demon Hunter, Mythology, Gay Angels, sassy demons, super sarcastic Satan, totally crazy episodes, multiple wall breaks! This show is epic, and it’s a brilliant show to marathon because there are 11 seasons and they’re working on the 12th, (I’m sure most people knew that but just in case you didn’t!)

3- THE FLASH– I love all things superheroes. The crossover episodes are always epic, the graphics are really good and the characters are all sweet and have good relationships. Cisco is also hilarious.

4- GREYS ANATOMONY– Even though this show can be so sad sometimes it really is a great show, once again a great show to marathon through, all the things they survive and go through  aren’t really realistic what do you expect. Also all the blood and gore is fun, and it can be educational sometimes!

5- SUPERGIRL– This show is moving to the CW (where the Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow currently air from) and I think that’s a great idea, because MORE CROSSOVERS! I am so excited for season 2, Tyler Hoechlin is in season 2 as SUPERMAN! I just need to get around to watching the last episode of season 1 I still haven’t watched.

6- NCIS: LOS ANGELES – I am really excited for season 8, no idea when it’s coming out but I need more Denzi (I think that’s their ship name) This is a spin off show of the original NCIS, series but this one is set in LA. It’s basically like CSI, kind of but with Navy and army, investigating there deaths or things that threaten national security, the first couple of episodes aren’t the best but it gets better. Also I hope to be like Hetty when I’m old.

7- ONE TREE HILLI haven’t finished this series yet. I’m on season 5, but it is really entertaining and keeps you guessing. There are characters you want to kill, if you’ve watched it you know who I’m talking about. It doesn’t stick in high school either, it has a 4 year jump afterwards and I love all the characters.

8- MAJOR CRMES– This show is so good, we’re getting into my police mystery murder stuff now. The cast is funny, they solve different cases each week and each are very interesting. I’m on season 5, all caught up now, and I have to wait each week for a new episode, but I don’t want to!

9- CRIMINAL MINDS– Such a good show. Another great show to binge watch. It has either 11 or 12 seasons, I think 12, but I’m not sure. The characters are all great, they solve serial murders and catch serial killers, it’s so good, and I like seeing all the profiling. The spin off show is also really good, it came out this year and is called Criminal Minds: Behind Borders. They did a mini crossover to introduce all the characters on Criminal Minds, but I didn’t know that as I was watching and I thought to myself: I would love to see a show following that team of agents, who travel the world solving murders of American citizens.

10- GRIMM- I love this show its so good and so unusual and so good. It follows this cop named Nick who is a Grimm, and at first its about him dealing with this, even though he doesn’t really want this gift of seeing these creatures who look like ordinary humans, to anyone else, but he can see them. Not all are bad, but he finds that an lot of the mrders he solves are by them so he uses his detective status and Grimm status to hunt these things. I feel like I totally butchered that explanation so instead I’ll leave it here. I think season 6 will be it’s last season though which is sad.

There we go that is my top 10 Tuesday for this week. This was so much fun to do. There was another post I was going to do but it’s pretty similar to this, so I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks before I post it.

Do you like any of these shows? If you haven’t heard of these then I highly recommend you go check these out, and see how you like them.

Bye – Purple Pancakes 🙂


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