The Harry Potter Spell Tag

Today  (September 1st 2016) is the day that the Potters and the Weasley’s all go back to Hogwarts! My eleventh birthday has long ago passed and yet no owl showed up with my letter to Hogwarts meaning I’m stuck being a Muggle and going to high school with people moodier than Filtch (I’m just as moody as them so I cant really make fun though).

But anyways since the young witches and wizards are going to learn about spells and stuff, I thought I would do the Harry Potter Spells tag which I found online at Becoming Bookish but this tag was originally done by TurtleSympathy.
I wasn’t tagged by anyone but I’m going to do this anyways.

Basically in this tag there is a list of spells from the books and each spell has a question that comes with it.


A childhood book connected to good memories

the-magic-keyI honestly couldn’t really remember any books that really got me interested in reading specifically so I thought I’d go with the books that taught me how to read. If you went to primary school in England like I did, (recently not 20 odd years ago), then there’s a chance that you know about the characters Biff, Chip and Kipper.(I always thought Chip was such a weird name to call your child)

The Magic Key is the only one I fully remember and when I went to find the image on Google it was so weird. I also got a lot more excited when we got to pick our own books and moving from Level 1 books up to level 12 throughout year 1 to year 6. I also distincticley remember being jealous of people in my year who were on a higher reading level then me.

2- Expelliarmus

A Book That Took You By Suprise

I’m going to have to go with The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. I love Ricks books. Except this trilogy! I don’t know why I didn’t like this book. I try to tell myself that it’s because I didn’t know much Egyptian mythology going into this, but I didn’t know any Norse mythology when I read Magnus Chase and yet I still enjoyed that. But yeah, I was expecting to love this trilogy but I just didn’t like this one. The second book is a lot better and I enjoyed that a lot more then the first and I’m half way through with the third but I haven’t read any of that in weeks.

3- Prior Incantanto

The last book you read.

untitled (18)

Funnily enough the last book I read was Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. But I am currently reading Scarlett by Marissa Meyer and even though it’s taking me forever I am really enjoying it.

4- Alohamora

A book that introduced you to a genre you had not considered.

I have two: Twilight. Twilight was really what got me into fantasy and YA books even thoughI was only maybe 9 at the time when I read this, but I was obsessed and I loved it and I made my dad get me the rest of the series on my kindle and I re read them so much. And the second one is Hunger Games. Granted the only reason I read this was because I loved the first two movies and my mum got me the box set for my birthday, but even though I haven’t really read all that many more books in the Dystopian genre it has opened me up to it and I’m excited to read more, even if it isn’t my go to genre.

5- Riddikulus

A funny book you’ve read

untitled (29).png

The Hidden Oracle. I love all of Rick Riordan’s books like I said, and the whole Percy Jackson series is hilarious and I was actually going to put that as my answer until I remembered this book. I think I appreciated the humour a lot more in this, Apollo is a hopelessly big headed and arrogant and stuck up character and yet it works for him, and there’s things included in this from the other series that make it funny to read.



6- Sonorus

A book you think everybody should read. untitled (31)

The Raven Boys!!! I loved this book I thought it was amazing and totally not what I expected. This is such a strange book with such a strange and unexpected plot that I really enjoyed and I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read it yet.

7- Obliviate

A book or spoiler you would like to forget having read

THE WHOLE HARRY POTTER SERIES!!! I watched the movies for this series first so obviously I was spoiled for the whole thing and I think all the deaths would have hit so closer to home if I had read the books and not known anything about any of the plot twists.

8- Imperio

 A book you had to read for school.

I honestly don’t read books for school. We get given a reading book for lengua from the library. (Spanish school. Lengua is basically literacy, it’s a class where we learn about verbs and pronouns and all that boring stuff and we do a lot of dictations and I mostly want to fall asleep in that class, and because I’m English and my Spanish isn’t perfect it’s such a hard class, luckily for me, I have a Spanish class and the work I do in there helps with my grade). I spent all last year reading Matilda because I kept taking my own books to school and reading them I’m also a lot more into YA so Matilda bored me a lot.

9- Crucio

A book that was painful to read

untitled (32)

Do I even need to explain myself? This book was just sad plain and simple!!!!!

10- Avada Kedavra

A book you would kill (interpret as you will)

I’m interpreting this as a book I would literally kill. And for this question I am saying my textbooks I get given off school. They’re so boring and it means I have to do work and the questions in them are so annoying and the answers aren’t clear and obviously I don’t like my school textbooks!!!

Ok Everyone thanks for reading. I don’t know if the colour scheme matches but I just discovered the whole colour changing thing and I like it. If you are reading this on the day this is published (September 1st) and if you’re a wizard: Hope you have fun at Hogwarts, I wish I was there.

If you’re a regular old muggle there’s not much I can say other then:

Pinch punch first of the month! But even that doesn’t have much of an inpact since I cant actually pinch nor punch you.

Thanks for reading. Bye! -PURPLE PANCAKES 🙂 


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