September Book Haul & Possible Book Buying Ban.

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So today I am going to be doing my September TBR! Yayy! I love doing these.

But first we have much more sad news to talk about: A BOOK BUYING BAN

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Greys Anatomy Season 13 Ep 1 TALK! (SPOILERS)

I’m dead inside 😂😓😏😌 Haha … haha .. ha … ha:(

Hello! So about a week ago maybe not as long ago I did a Greys Anatomy Season 13 wishlist and the first episode aired last night so when I got home after school today I obviously watched it first thing. And so I wanted to talk about each episode of the new season. Its kind of a given that this will contain Spoilers so I don’t suggest reading on if you haven’t watched the episode.

Depending on how much homework I have (my math teacher has been giving me a lot every night) these will be up every Friday or Saturday, like I said depending on how busy I am.

So lets get on with it:

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WWW Wednesday 21.09.16

Yay, I’m doing this this week! I skipped it last week because it would have untitled (26)been the smae as the week before which isn’t all that entertaining.

I’m taking a break from my math homework (It’s the first whole week back I should not have homework from three classes!) which is actually a lot longer then I intended it to be since I’ve had dinner, walked my dad and then I’m going to shower after, so I’ll be up the rest of the night finishing it. Yay.

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Top 10 Tuesday – Songs you may not have heard.

Hello and welcome to another Top 10 Tuesday.

toptentuesdayThis is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and this week’s topic is Audio Freebie’s.  I actually haven’t listened to any audiobooks yet, I think I want to but I’d need to find something else to focus on as well, maybe colouring, but I don’t know.

Anyways since I haven’t listened to any audiobooks I’m instead going to talk about songs that I love that aren’t that popular an need more recognition!

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Greys Anatomy Season 13 Wishlist!


Hello everyone, so this is a new thing I want to do on my blog and that is Wishlists, for either movie’s or new season’s of TV shows I love. I am planning on a doing a Teen Wolf and a Supergirl wishlist but I’ll do them closer to when they’re aired.

Anyways, I binged watched the whole series of Greys Anatomy this year, I think I took a brief brake somewhere between the third and fourth season, but then when I got back into it I watched it constantly.

The new season of Greys Anatomy airs on the 22nd of September so here are the things I want to happen in the 13th season: Continue reading