The Cursed Child Book Review!!!

untitled (18)AUTHOR: Based off JK Rowling’s Harry Potter, by Jack Thorne and John Tiffany. (Play by Jack Thorne)



DATE READ: August 20th-August 22nd

COVER: I love this cover. In real life it’s gold and shiny  and the dust jacket is nice and smooth. I like font, the huge HARRY POTTER in black stands out nicely against the gold. I find it funny how they smacked JK Rowlings’ name on the front. 

MY RATING: 3.5/4 stars – this definitely wasn’t a five star book by any means but I did enjoy it a lot more then I thought I would and I couldn’t put it down which has to count for something.  untitled (24)


Based on an original new story by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany, a new play by Jack Thorne, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the eighth story in the Harry Potter series and the first official Harry Potter story to be presented on stage. The play will receive its world premiere in London’s West End on July 30, 2016.

It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isn’t much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband and father of three school-age children.

While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places.


Ok where do I start? I went into this book not having high expectations due to the low reviews people were giving it and saying how they were disappointed so I put this off and when I did eventually start this I was weary and I didn’t get my hopes up.

I read just over 70 pages in the first sitting. It’s a very easy read because it’s in script form and you’re left to your imagination a lot which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because I had all the characters and locations in my head and knew what they looked like.
The first act I didn’t like! It was confusing and I didn’t like how the characters were acting but as you get farther into the plot you begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel and it starts to get better.

The bromance between Albus and Scorpius really saved this book for me, they were so funny. Scorpius is how I imagine Remus to be, what with hiding his pain, sprouting out facts and getting excited about that sort of thing as well as going along with all of Albus’ antics. I honestly ship these two together but at the same time I enjoyed seeing Scorpius be in love with Rose, it was really entertaining. The way I enjoyed this book is by not thinking of it as a continuation of the series, more like a very well written fan fiction. I have my own idea as to what happened 19 years later, the whole family was close, everyone was happy, the cousins were all besties driving Mrs Weasley mad with all the pranks and being kings and queens of Hogwarts while also struggling with their parents legacy. And so if I think of this book as anything other then fanfiction, if I think of this as canon .. I just cant, it would ruin everything for me. But I also understand why they didn’t do that, they needed drama, they needed something to direct the plot too, they couldn’t put on a play about them all being happy and living life happily ever after.

The last thing I want to talk about without going into spoilers is how they would pull this off in a theatre production. I got distracted from reading this a couple of times, mainly because my friend who I was kind of buddy reading this with (I finished while he was still in the middle of the 2nd act), she pointed out: How would they make this come to life on a stage with no CGI or anything like that?

Throughout this I also kept imagining the character in three different ways. Their form in my brain flickered between how I imagine some of the characters, to slightly older versions of their movie selves as well as the cast from the play

I do suggest you read this if you haven’t already, because it was entertaining as a whole just not as part of the series if that even makes sense (it makes sense in my head but I don’t know if it will to other people). If you have read this book then keep on scrolling for a more in-depth talk, if not then go pick this book up and come back and hear my thoughts more clearly (if you don’t want too that’s fine too, I know I can babble sometimes). By 🙂

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Ok if you’re reading this HI! if not … screw you you’re missing out (just kidding)! Just another WARNING encase you didn’t see the photo of Tom Hiddleston saying SPOILER ALERT or the title of this section of the review which is SPOILER DISCUSSION, then the following couple of paragraphs contain SPOILERS!!!!

untitled (30).png

Lets go ahead and talk about The Things I Liked:

  • SCORPIUS AND ALBUS FRIENDSHIP: These two were adorable! I found them to be hilarious, they had such good chemistry it was kind of like a reverse of Sirius and James, where Sirius came from a Slytherin family and was sorted into Gryffindor and they bonded over that it was the same with Al an Scorp but with different circumstances. My favourite part of these two was when they were stuck in Godrics Hollow trying to figure out what they should do and Scorpius suggested hiding in a hole for the next forty years to get away from Delphi and Albus replies with: ‘As much as I’d like to hide in a hole with you for forty year …’
    I kind of want them to be together but I also really liked seeing Scorpius just totally fail when it comes too Rose (who was a total bitch to be honest).
  • THE ALTERNATE REALITY: This may have been my favourite part of the story. Scropius alone and seeing what would have happened. This really highlighted Neville’s importance to the plot which I appreciated. I randomly flicked to this part and had a mini heart attack when I saw the words DOLORES UMBRIDGE, and shut the book so fast with a look of horror on my face because I’d read that out of context and it scared me. I loved seeing a whole other side to Hermione in this even though it was heartbreaking when she and Ron confessed their love for each other but then .. got their souls sucked out from them two seconds later. Snape didn’t exactly have a better fait either but I did enjoy seeing him again and seeing him interact with Scorpius and learn that Harry named his son after him in a different reality. Hermione being wanted was also really cool.
  • DRACO BONDING WITH THE GODEN TRIO: It took some time, but they all sort of came together and worked well. I’m pretty sure Draco flirted with Hermione which I’m sure made a lot of Dramione shippers very happy.
  • RON STANDING ON STAGE WITH THE OTHERS: Ron was hilarious in this scene. Harry and Ginny were up there supporting their son, Hermione was there as minister and Draco was there for his son, but Ron, he had no idea what was going on really. He stood up their with his friends as a show of support and I loved how he added: even though my kids had nothing to with any of this (or something along those lines)
  • THE HAGRID SCENE AT THE END: I cried. I admit a tear or two rolled down my face as I was reading this, it was very emotional. It didn’t help that I could picture it so clearly in my head with James and Lily both dead and the house in wrecks and Hagrid telling them that he’d always remember them and little Harry in his cot. *Loud sobbing*
  • SCORPIUS IS VOLDERMORTS SON: I really enjoyed this aspect of the story. Totally unexpected. Especially when you look at Scorps personality and just wonder how the hell does anyone think he’s Voldermort’s son! He’s so sweet and funny and looks so much like Draco. I thought they did a good job with how Draco was so protective of his son when it came to this but when Harry launched an investigation into his heritage I wanted to strangle him!


  • NO TEDDY LUPIN:HE WASNT EVEN MENTIONED! Sure there was a lot of problems with this book but this one pissed me off the most when I’d finished and realised his name wasn’t uttered once!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY!
  • HARRD DUMBLEDORE MOMENT: Sure this was kind of cute but it was also just cheesy and kind of awkward.
  • NO MRS WEASLEY: Once again not even mentioned! MRS WEASLEY DISERVES MORE THEN THIS!!!
  • HARRY AND GINNY LEAVING JAMES AND LILY: I felt like the writers totally forgot about James and Lily, thankfully they mentioned, we saw them the start, we saw Lily being sorted but it was like Harry and Ginny centred around Albus. I get that they were worried about him and this book is mainly about him but when Harry asks Ron: “How’s Rose? How’s Hugo?” acknowledging both of Rons kids but then Ron only asks about Ginny and Albus and it really annoyed me. Also when they went back in time to save Al they just left their other two kids, what would have happened if they’d both have died? Who would tell James and Lily that there parents were dead!? It just seemed like they didn’t care.
  • THE TROLLY LADY: My thought while reading this scene WTF! It just seemed sooo forced and it .. ugh! (I did like how the marauders where briefly mentioned kind of in tis scene)
  • DELPHI AS VOLDERMORTS DAUGHTER: Sure it was unexpected and kind of like WOAH! But it was just so cheesey, making it feel like a fanfaction. I mean it was just thrown out there! And Bellatrix as her mother! This was literally stolen from wattpad. Jack Thorne couldn’t figure out how to end it so he went on wattpad and looked though the millions of Harry Potter fanfictions until he found something! It was really annoying and ugh!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok last thing. I mentioned this in the overall review above and it’s how I have no idea how they did this on a stage! When they were going back in time I imagined this huge clock behind the and the hands going forwards or backwards slowly at first then really fast like they were going back in time. How the hell did thy do the jumping of the train into water scene? In the library in Hermione’s office I imagined stage hands pulling them in and out of the bookshelf which was actually just a sheet of paper with flaps for them to get pulled in and out of. I admit it did make me feel jealous for everyone who got to see the play in person.

Well then that’s everything I’ve got to say about this book. I’m honestly so happy to have finally finished this review. I’ve been planning on writing this for the past week nearly and every time I find a reason not too. I was set on doing it yesterday and what happened? I get a headache so bad I have to keep my right eye shut, and I feel sick and the idea of looking at a computer screen or a phone screen makes my head even worse. I COULDNT EVEN READ!! So instead I crawled into bed and slept.

Thanks for reading this review. Tell me what you thought of Harry Potter And the Cursed Child in the comments and if you liked it. Bye – Purple Pancakes.




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