Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children – By Ransom Riggs


Just as Jacob starts to realize that he is nothing more then ordinary, the extraordinary in his life comes out to play.When a tragedy strikes, Jacob starts to think about the old ‘fairy tales’ his grandfather used to tell him. Where they really just fairy tales made to scare and entertain his six year old self? Or were they real tales from his grandfathers past? Of course mentioning any of this to his parents for months on ends earns him a one way ticket to a psychiatrist. Just as he starts to believe that he is ordinary again, he finds a letter sending him on a journey to a small island in Wales to look for the mysterious Childrens Home were his grandfather found safety as a child. When Jacob discovers an unbelievable place and befriends unbelievable people, he discovers his true self. But danger is coming. Is Jacob the only hope for the Peculiars?


AUTHOR: Ransom Riggs

# PAGES: (Paperback edition) 382 (Last 2o pages include, interview with the author, index of the photographs included and sampler of Hollow City)

# In a Series: The first in the Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children Trilogy.

My Rating: 4.9 stars out of 5 (scroll to the end to find out why)




(Non Spoilers)

I love this book! Ransom Riggs has created a brilliant set of characters, a brilliant world with a brilliant plot. (If you cant tell by the amount of time I’ve said it already, I think this book is Brilliant!)

It takes a good 100 pages or so until you meet the Peculiar children but even in the beginning when we’re getting introduced to Jacob and learning about Jacobs life, seeing him have trouble with certain things and then try to over come those certain things is reall entertaining. There wasn’t a dull moment within this book even after I only read a couple of chapters with in 4 days due to my house being to loud to read, I was able to jump straight back into this with no trouble at all.

The photos that are in this book add so much more to the reading experience. Ransom Riggs describes what Jacob is seeing since we’re in his head, and then we have the photo on the next page making the story seem that much more real.

The relationships were well written in this. Jacobs mum (mom) seems like a bitch honestly, and his dad seems kind of weird but I liked the banter between Jacob and his father.

I sort of had a hard time remembering who was who when it came down to the Peculiar Children, names and ability wise, the only ones I can one hundred percent remember is Emma, Bronwyn and Millard, the others I had to think for a second before remembering who they were but I think that might of had something to do with me taking a while to read this. It did help that their abilities are mentioned more then once so your like: ‘oh yeah that’s who that is, that’s what they can do, I remember now’ .

Overall I fully enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who likes YA books. Don’t be turned off by the fact that some people say its creepy or by the kind of creepy looking covers, because it really isn’t scary what so ever. If you have read this book keep reading for the Spoiler section of this review. If not I suggest you go read it, trust me it’s amazing.

untitled (17) SPOILERS

Ok now if you’re reading this you’ve even already read this book or don’t care about being spoilt so lets get started:

Lets start off with Abe, Jacobs grandfather. I thought the relationship between Abe with his grandson was really nice. They had a strong bond even after he made it seem like the stories and photos were fake. I feel sorry for him that  everyone thinks he’s crazy because; NO! he’s not crazy! And he’s not a dead beat even though that’s what Abe’s kids think! He’s off killing the bad guys and keeping his family out of it and away from the bad guys who eat people like him!!!

Yeah I felt sorry for the poor guy. And the way he was killed!?

I mean to survive all those years and start a family and then to be ripped to shreds in his own backyard, being found by his beloved grandson! That’s a tough break.

Let’s move on too the clue Jacobs grandfather left him. Surely he knew he’d be killed one day, and he seemed like a smart guy, why wouldn’t he have left a letter explaining everything in a none cryptic way instead of telling him things that made no sense in his final moments.

Maybe if he’d survived he would have explained everything and not have let him believe he was crazy for several months until his aunt could give him the birthday gift with the letter inside.

But then again if any of that hadn’t  happened and if he had made it clearer the book would most likely be shorter and that wouldn’t be very good.

The fact that Riggs wrote about Jacob thinking he was crazy just like his granddad was something I loved to read about, mainly because it was relatable (if a fantasy book can be relatable). I mean, if in real life someone was going around seeing men with multiple eel like tounges sticking out of its mouth that nobody else can see, it’s highly likely that you’ll be checking into a mad house. And it made me think of what that would be like.

I thought the way Ransom Riggs included all the characters in the start and making it seem like they wouldn’t really have a huge part of the plot, that they were just second rate characters not very important. BUT OH MY GOD!!

Dr Golan!!! I mean, I seriously wasn’t expecting that what so ever but it makes so much sense. He’s the one that convinced Jacob’s parents to let him go to Wales to visit the island, he’s the one who Jacob trusted so much and told him the last words his grandfather told him. It makes so much sense and I was so shocked.

Moving on to  the Peculiar Children. I liked how they were introduced. With Jacob exploring the house, making a big mess and a bunch of them peering down at him through the big hole in the floor he’d made. I could imagine it so clearly in my mind. I liked how he chased them and went through the bog, coming out on the other side not knowing he was in the loop. I thought him getting chased by the locals from the pub and being so confused was hilarious and I thought it was a good way for him and Emma to meet.

The Jacob and Emma relationship was a bit weird for me at the beginning. Especially when you think that Emma was in love with Jacobs grandfather over 70 something years ago. Jacob did mention this though, saying he was just a replacement for his grandfather and that she didn’t really like him for him. Also I felt like their relationship was extremely rushed to begiI n with. It was like one second Emma is still debating whether or not to kill him and trust him then the next minute they’re both snogging and Jacob is thinking about her in the shower. (I know that that’s kind of out of context but I still find it absolutely hilarious).

The two of them did grow on me though and they were adorable and worked well together.

Lastly I want to talk about the ending. The loop not resetting and their home of 80 years being destroyed was heart breaking. Millard was injured. They had to finally bury Bronwyn’s brother who was killed decades ago by a Hollow, and put him to  rest (which I’m  glad about because keeping him in his bed long after he’s dead was pretty morbid).

The way they made a plan and decided to fight and sailed off into the  distance (with war ships not far away, cause thats going to end well). It was a cute ending but I just really wish they’d put Millard in the same boat as the others because I feel like that group are going to get really close and be friend goals, at leas I hope so, and Millard needs to be a part of that especially since he’s the only real voice of reason now that Miss Peregrine is stuck as a bird for who knows how long!


untitled (31).png

I give this book a 4.9 stars and the reason I bunked it down by 0.1 is honestly my own fault and that is that I left one chapter. I had one chapter left to read and it wasn’t enough and I wanted more and maybe if I had the next book to read straight after it would be a full 5 stars. If I had just read the last chapter the same day instead of leaving it I would have been so emerged in the story and appreciated it so much more so I really do only have myself to blame.

I’m so excited for the second book and the movie which is coming later this year. I have ordered the last two books today because I loved this so much, cant wait to marathon both of them.

I definitely recommend this book and I’m so glad I read it and I cannot wait to get to the rest of this trilogy. – Purple Pancakes 🙂






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