Fallout by Gwenda Bond

foTITLE: Fallout

AUTHOR: Gwenda Bond

SERIES: Louis Lane #1

PUBLISHER: Curious Fox 

PUBLICATION DATE: March 10th 2016

GENRE: Young Adult, Comics, Mystery, SciFi

FORMAT: Paperback   PAGECOUNT: 304

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Bookmarks i want

If I had my way I would own like 50 bookmarks. As it stands I don’t have that many. Most are from when I used to use Book Depository and they’re the free ones they send out.

So because I am a boring person I like to go through Etsy and admire all the super pretty bookmarks people make and now I want to share them. Continue reading

UK Bookhaul!

So today I got back from my week long trip to England. This was my first time travelling with no parents and so of course I was super responsible and decided that I wasn’t going to sleep before having to ride to the airport at 1am with my dad meaning I’m running on 2 hours of sleep from my nap earlier and I’ve been awake since 7am yesterday.

I also took this opportunity with no supervision to purchase more books because of course I did. I didn’t have much space what with travelling with only my backpack and a carry on suitcase so I couldn’t go too overboard but I did come home with three new paperbacks and a new graphic novel:

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